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Roof & Rain Gutter Insulation


As FIBERCO, we insulate the rain water gutters, hidden creeks and rain water downpipes on your roofs with 100% success rate with Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyester Coating.

We offer the definitive solution in waterproofing by covering the insulation of rain gutters with Polyester, which can maintain its high strength property for many years.

As the best insulating material in its field, the GRP Polyester coating is manually coated, making it more robust than spray applications, bituminous coatings and sliding insulation materials.

GRP has no disadvantages like other types of insulation materials, such as decay, rusting, sun rays. It is durable material and GRP does not lose its properties. It is durable in tough wheater conditions.

The most important feature of the GRP Coating is that the polyester is converted from the liquid state to the solid by the reaction it enters. The reaction takes place once and it is irreversible. GRP Polyester Coating provide full insulation at roof gutters in buildings, water outlets, galvanized surfaces many years.

Insulations made with GRP Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite, which have reached an excellent level (thanks to the current technical developments), provide many years of protection for the places which have bad weather conditions.

CTP Polyester Insulation is more durable than other insulation types. It does not crack.

GRP Rain Gutter Insulation is preferred because of its long life and resistance to environmental conditions. In addition, Rain Gutter Polyestr Insulation applications are applied in many areas of the construction sector.

When using resin, glass fiber and gelcoat, the coating should also be judged. This process can also be applied to wood metals.

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