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GRP Insulation

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We solve all kinds of insulation problems by providing full sealing with our GRP Coating works according to your needs in your projects.

What is GRP Insulation?

GRP is one of the abbreviation material of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester.

GRP coatings are generally used in areas where water isolation cannot be provided and used in the elimination of inevitable water leaks (terrace insulation, water tank repair, insulation of wet areas such as WC and shower, pool insulation and so on) and with 100% efficiency result.

GRP is highly resistant to UV rays, impacts and abrasion. It has a short construction time and can be used immediately and it has 100% efficiency.

One of the major problems in container constructions, prefabricated buildings and light steel structures is waterproofing of wet areas. GRP is a unique product for a permanent, practical and most economical solution.

100% water impermeability can be made with GRP as the most economical and longest life solution in wet area insulation solutions in reinforced concrete structures or steel structures.

Its deformation is very difficult. In case of possible deformations, it is as easy to repair. This is a distinct advantage for the choice of GRP coating.

Instead of repeating the insulation solutions and applications in your buildings many times and encountering many problems GRP is the key product. Apply it once and reach the permanent solution.

GRP coating is a unique product with 100% success rate, light weight, durability, superior waterproofing properties.


Please call us for more information about our GRP Coating applications.

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