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In this section you will find general and technical information about Glass Reinforced Plastic, (GRP), Polyester Coating, Fiberglass.

We have mentioned the usage areas, advantages and comparison of materials with other materials.


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 What is GRP?

GRP is short name of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material. It stands out with its superior sealing and durability properties compared to other equivalent materials.

GRP is a composite material obtained by combining glass fiber with a carrier matrix resin.


Fiberglass reinforced plastic is a high quality composite engineering material obtained by combining flexibility, but not sufficient mechanical strength plastic (eg polyester resin) with high mechanical strength glass fiber.


Composite concept description is as given below,


• Combine of several matrices,

• Each matrix has the advantages of its own physical properties,

• It can be expressed as the common matrix constituting the combination of physical property.


The most commonly used unsaturated polyester resins in GRP production are thermoset resins in reinforced plastics.


It addresses all kinds of molding techniques, from simple molding techniques such as hand laying to the most complex mechanized molding techniques.

CTP Nedir

What are the advantages of GRP ?

The most important factor in the choice of GRP material is the original properties of the material.


Briefly summarizing these qualities;


• Outstanding dimensional stability

• Design flexibility

• Molding flexibility (flexibility to be produced by different methods)

• High specific strength

• Excellent elasticity

• Lightness

• High corrosion resistance

• Excellent dielectric properties

• Easy repairability

• High chemical resistance

• High thermal resistance

• Possibility of self-coloring

• Ensuring flame resistance quality with flame retardant additives

• Light transmittance on demand

Low cost of equipment

• High depreciation times (theoretically infinite life)

In addition, its raw material is domestic, its know-how is domestic, its molds are domestic, its producers are domestic, and boron is the most important input of glass fiber. In other words, GRP is mostly a domestic material. CTP can be easily formed by using suitable production method and mold by combining glass fiber and polyester resin which are suitable for the nature of the product to be made.

CTP avantaj

Why we add composite materials to plastic ?

Glass fiber is a material with high mechanical strength.

Plastics have a flexible (unbreakable) structure due to their chemical structure, but their mechanical strength is low.

GRP, which is a perfect material, is formed by taking the mechanical strength feature of glass fiber and flexibility feature of plastic.


Physical performance depends on the ratio of the glass fiber, which is the reinforcing material, in the GRP

Plastik Takviye

What is polyester modelling ?

Polyester is one of the materials used in the model production sector. Its structure consists of several ester units and is chained.


It is widely used in model and mold industry. It is a preferred material in terms of strength due to the reaction of acid and alcohol mixtures in its formation.


The most important reasons for its use in the model industry are durability. Polyester models are durable and durable against all kinds of environmental factors.


It is also highly resistant to chemicals.


Polyester model is applied by companies. The beginning of the mold process is to transmit and examine the technical drawings of the product to our units. The technical drawing is the visuals indicating the shape, dimensions, structure and size of the materials to be used.


Following the technical drawings, the shape of the product is created with 3D design programs. After the completion of all drawing and design processes, the product mold is prepared.


Technical Codes

  • Turkey CTP (Cam elyaf takviyeli polyester) 

  • USA FRP (Fiber glass Reinforced Plastic) 

  • England GRP (Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic)

  • France PRFV (Plastique Renforce de Fibres de Verre)

  • Germany GFK (Glasfaser Kunstsoffe) 

  • Italy PRFV (Plastici Rinforzati di Fibro di Vetro)

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