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GRP Pools & GRP Water Tanks & GRP Acide Tanks

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Glass reinforced polyester is today's material. It has 4 times tensile strength against steel. This material is used in all vessels. Almost all filters used in pool filtration are made of this material.


GRP The outer surfaces and rounded corners of swimming pools minimize the risk of impact.


GRP provide 100% sealing since GRP swimming pools are monoblock.


GRP Swimming pools are resistant to heat exchange (+90 / -40) and UV rays.

There is no joint gap as in concrete ponds;

GRP swimming pools absorb ground movements (Earthquakes, etc.) and settling on the ground better than other pool types and are less affected from them.

The surface material of GRP pools is resistant to algae, corrosion and pool chemicals.

Accessories can be added at any time.


Since GRP swimming pools are one piece, there is no risk of pollution accumulation, water leakage and unsightly appearance in polyester pools in the joints of reinforced concrete pools.

Life span of polyester pools is minimum 50 years.


Our achievements in dozens of high-level domestic and international projects have been registered with the references of the companies we partner with.

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